Roger Stallard

Roger Stallard2007 Associate of the year!

Roger has been with Goodwill Industries since 2005. He works in the Data Entry Division. Roger’s duties revolve around entering information into a database from donation receipts received from all seven retail locations. Additionally, Roger handles other various duties, such as shredding and assembly work for the Business Services Division. His favorite things about working here are his coworkers and other friends he has made.

Roger said that many people ask him why he works. They want to know why he doesn’t stay at home. He tells them, “I love to work.” In his spare time he loves to listen to country and western music and watch television. He also enjoys logging onto the computer to check his e-mail. His favorite TV shows are reruns of Friends and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He also enjoys going out to eat and to the movies. Roger attends the First Presbyterian Church in Huron.

Roger is a sports fan. He roots for Ohio State and the Browns. He said many of friends tease him about being a Browns fan because they are Steelers fans. Roger wants everyone to know he loves working at Goodwill Industries and has no desire to stay home when there is work to be done here.