Mike Riggle

Mike RiggleWhen the snow flies, especially lots of it, Mike Riggle often can be seen shoveling sidewalks throughout the city of Huron to assist neighbors and others. He was especially helpful following one major storm that struck the area.

His effort did not go unnoticed either, because Huron Mayor Marilyn Shearer issued a proclamation honoring Mike. The document applauded “the volunteer spirit demonstrated by Mr. Riggle” and called “upon the citizens of Huron to join in recognizing and honoring his continuing contribution and commitment to (the) community.”

“Mr. Riggle exemplifies the civic spirit that transforms our city into a community,” Shearer said.

Mike, who is employed at our work center in Sandusky, says he enjoys helping others. “I know it helps the city, and I like doing that,” he said. “I also feel like a city employee. I would like to be one, but my vision disability prevents that. That’s why I work at Goodwill, which provides job services to people with disabilities.”